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Monday, November 15, 2010

Contest Overview

The Contest:
This is a festive fundraiser for the City Arts Center, a project of the American Artworks Foundation.  We are hosting a contest for the most incredible/horrible holiday sweater in order to raise money for a new non-profit arts center opening soon in Delaware, Ohio.  See our main blog for more information about the CAC: cityartcenter.blogspot.com
In the next few weeks, contestants will campaign for votes using this blog and whatever other means they can to bring in the votes.   
Contestant with the most votes will win a cash prize (determined by how many contestants enter).  There will also be 3 Director's choice winners that will receive fabulous prizes.  That means you have 4 chances to win something!  Not to mention, the opportunity to reveal your most stunning holiday sweater!

To Enter:
Send a Great Photo* of yourself wearing your most incredible/horrible holiday sweater to cityartcenter22@gmail.com.
There is a $10 registration fee to become a contestant (payable through PayPal).  Registration Deadline is December 6, 2010.
You will be assigned a number and your picture will appear as a blog post on this site with a VOTE button as seen below:

To Vote:
Votes are $1 each.
You may click on any VOTE button found on this blog site (as seen above) and you will be directed to the City Arts Center/American Artworks Foundation PayPal account.
PayPal will prompt you to leave a Purpose: please include the contestant number and name so that the vote will be assigned to the correct contestant! Clearly this is important! Otherwise, your vote will simply count as a much appreciated donation to the CAC!
Number of votes are unlimited  (for example: $15 = 15 votes)
Voting will end the day of the reception (TBA).
Votes will be periodically posted on each contestant's blog post, so you may keep tabs on who's winning!
*If you would like to mail a check or money order rather than using PayPal:
make payable to: City Arts Center/AAF   
Please Note: Sweater #___ (for contestant)
you may mail it to: Attn: J. Walker
                             City Arts Center / Sweater Contest
                             46 Chestnut Street
                             Delaware, OH 43015

The Contest will be held through the second week of December.  A reception is being planned for the awarding of the Most Incredible/Horrible Holiday Sweater.  Date, time, and exact location will be announced very soon (we are hoping to have our doors open to the public by the First week of December).
As mentioned above, the contestant who has rallied the most votes (which will be periodically updated on this blog) will win a cash prize!
There will be 3 other Director's Awards at the directors' discretion.  These awards will be gift certificates to local establishments.  For instance: Best Snowflake Sweater or Most Glamorous Sweater (categories may or may not be involved and will depend on the entries that are received)
You must be present (or send an official representative) wearing your now famous sweater to accept the prize.

Don't already have an Amazingly Ugly Holiday Sweater?   
Check out Goodwill or websites such as: www.rustyzipper.com

Want to promote yourself as a sweater contestant?  
We recommend using social networking sites such as FaceBook.  Create an Event and include the link to your blog contestant post so your friends, family, and colleagues can be directed to your photo and easily find the VOTE button to put you ahead in the polls.
You can send an email to everyone you know with your sweater photo and the link to this blog.(we'll provide you with a brief explanation that you can copy and paste into the emails)
Get your office to sponsor you - promise your boss that you'll include the company's name in your acceptance speech if they will match the votes!

*How do you get the best photograph of the sweater for the contest?
You should ask someone to take it unless you are good with self-timer
Find a solid background if possible (the more clutter in the background - the more it will distract from your awesome sweater) 
Don't stand too close to the background (if you use a flash it will cast a harsh shadow)
Try to take the photo in natural light if possible (outside - preferably not in midday sunshine - you'll be squinting - cloudy is best! )
Be Creative! but make sure that the sweater is really visible.
If you are using a cell phone, make sure the image is clear and not too small in size (may not show up very well on the blog).

For further questions, please email: cityartcenter22@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!